Kaye Wyatt

The Story of My Wife

by Douglas A. Wyatt

Kaye Wyatt
Although this is the story of my wife, Kaye, it is really the story of my life.

Kaye was born in the 1950s when it was a common practice for physicians to irradiate the thymus gland as a way to get the gland to shrink. Although it is completely normal for newborns to have enlarged thymus glands, conventional medicine dictated that an enlarged thymus gland would cause “crib death”. So, instead of allowing Kaye’s thymus to shrink on its own, her doctor irradiated it, and as a result, completely wiped out her immune system. Kaye was not alone. An estimated 500,000 American infants and children were irradiated in the 1940s and 1950s because of ignorance and arrogance.

A non-functioning immune system took a heavy toll on Kaye. Every virus that came along weakened Kaye, and she would subsequently suffer with bouts of bacterial bronchitis and pneumonia. Doctors gave her more and more powerful antibiotics, and the vicious cycle continued. I likened her situation to being on permanent chemotherapy; Kaye’s body was dying a slow death. Our desperation ran deep, as no homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, or acupuncture helped. By 1992, Kaye’s immune system was in shambles; she was physically and mentally devastated. One day, Kaye asked me to help her die.

Together, we turned to prayer. And our prayers were answered.

On the day that Kaye had asked me to help her die, I was in a business meeting. Although present in body, my mind was far away, grappling with what had just been asked of me. My colleague noticed and asked me why I seemed so far away. I told him about Kaye, and he immediately asked me if I had heard of colostrum.

Colostrum? Colostrum? My mind started racing. I had grown up on a farm, and just then, I realized I knew what I already knew. A newborn calf would die if it did not receive its mother’s colostrum within the first 24 hours. All nursing mammals including humans provide colostrum to their young as a way of providing immunity and growth factors. It turned out that my colleague was not only Heaven-sent, but he was a naturopath educated in Belgium.

I purchased some dried colostrum powder from my colleague who got the liquid colostrum from local dairy farmers and was drying it in his kitchen. Kaye was reluctant to take it at first, but relented in desperation. Within days, her chronic low-grade fever was gone, and the swelling from a sprained knee disappeared. Such was the greatest life-changing event for Kaye and myself. She would no longer require antibiotics, and so began my journey to learn more about colostrum and to tell the world. My career in finance ended, and my pursuit of life for my wife began.

I began researching colostrum at the University of Utah and quickly discovered that there was in fact, an abundance of research papers on colostrum. I also learned that colostrum was considered a waste product on dairy farms. Newborn calves only needed a gallon or so to receive the immune and growth factors benefit, and the farmers dumped the rest. Farmers were willing to give me the colostrum for free, but there was a two-fold hitch. Liquid colostrum has a shelf life of only a few weeks and calves are not birthed year round. So began my quest to find a viable preservation method which would solve both problems and ensure that all the beneficial components of colostrum were maintained.

I experimented with various pasteurization and drying techniques, and at first, Kaye was my validation method. We quickly discovered that normal pasteurization destroyed the living components in colostrum, as Kaye’s symptoms would return within a few days. I worked out the kinks which eventually led me to produce a safe and effective colostrum product on a greater scale. As a result, colostrum is now more widely available to help immuno-compromised people just like Kaye.

Kaye and I shared many wonderful years together after that life-altering day in 1992. Our faith helped us along that journey, and as I continue to share my knowledge of colostrum’s healing benefits, I think of Kaye often.

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