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Bovine Colostrum & Post-Pregnancy Revitalization

The simple fact is that pregnancy takes a big toll on a woman’s body, and returning to pre-pregnancy fitness levels takes a lot of work. Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) is associated with greater postpartum maternal weight loss, yet not every new mother is able to or chooses to practice EBF. In addition to regular exercise and good nutrition, supplementation with bovine colostrum can help metabolize residual fat deposits from pregnancy and revive the pre-pregnancy physique. Colostrum is not a “magic pill” for weight loss, nor are results immediate, but the results are physiologically sound and we look to professional athletes and serious exercisers for the evidence.

The “secret” to weight loss (fat loss) is actually increasing Insulin-like Growth Factor (IgF-1) in the body. This can be achieved in any of three ways: (1) Take Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections; (2) Weight bearing exercise 1-2 hours daily; (3) Supplement with bovine colostrum. Taking HGH is unsafe, not to mention, illegal. Injectable HGH has serious side effects because it is made from recombinant DNA technology and is only 70% bio-identical to human growth hormone. A heavy gym workout of over one hour daily will cause the body to increase IgF-1 production, but not significantly, and is hard to keep up for all those not truly dedicated to fitness. And how do you find the time with the new baby demanding your attention. Colostrum supplementation is thus, the natural and ideal choice. Colostrum does not act like the anabolic steroid HGH, and is an all-natural super-food; its growth factors are nearly 100% bio-identical to that of humans. Physical activity is required for the growth factors to exert their fat-burning action. Most studies show that four to six weeks of colostrum supplementation are necessary to see results, and that daily use is required for maintenance of health benefits.

The mechanism by which colostrum burns body fat is akin to what elite athletes, achieve with training – an increase in lean body mass. Increased lean body mass (more muscle tissue) increases the body’s metabolism, even at rest, thereby burning stored adipose (fat) deposits. Colostrum contains Insulin-like Growth Factor (IgF-1), the real growth hormone which promotes muscle growth and favors adipose stores over glucose as a fuel source. During vigorous exercise, colostrum slows protein breakdown, and stimulates glucose transport in muscle. Muscles are then able to make more efficient use of the fuel available to them, which results in an increase in lean muscle mass without a corresponding increase in adipose tissue. Long-term colostrum supplementation increases IgF-1 levels. Daily colostrum supplementation benefits skeletal muscle tissue by reducing the oxidant-induced damage during exercise. Additionally, Transforming Growth Factor (TgF-alpha and TgF-beta) in colostrum stimulate the production and repair of DNA and RNA. Heavy exercise damages muscle fibers, but TgF repairs them.

Blood glucose homeostasis is very important to the weight loss process. Maintaining blood glucose levels (avoiding highs and lows) reduces food cravings and prevents the occasional carbohydrate binge. Keeping blood glucose levels consistent throughout the day also avoids catabolism, or destructive metabolism. In this situation, catabolism is the breakdown of muscle protein into amino acids. When a person’s glucose level begins to drop within two hours of the last meal, those amino acids are converted to glucose in order to raise the blood glucose back into homeostasis to insure the brain has a consistent supply. The body is very efficient in this process, but rather self-defeating if the goal is to preserve or increase muscle tissue. During the fasting state between meals, the body is essentially consuming its muscle tissue to fuel the brain. This may cause weight loss, but it is due to loss of muscle tissue, not adipose tissue. Anabolism, or productive metabolism, in this situation is the buildup of muscle protein from amino acids. Having some protein in the body’s gas tank keeps the brain fueled and maintains muscle tissue. IgF-1 plays a critical role in the processes of catabolism and anabolism by preventing catabolism and promoting anabolism.

Blood glucose homeostasis can be achieved by avoiding simple carbohydrates that rapidly increase blood glucose (refined sugars, processed foods, fruit juices), and eating some type of protein every four hours. Colostrum contains protein and IgF-1, so it is ideal to supplement between meals.

6:00AM 1 teaspoon Colostrum-LD® mixed in water + 45-60 minute exercise session
7:00AM Breakfast (includes lean protein source)
11:00AM 1 teaspoon Colostrum-LD® mixed in water
12:30PM Lunch (includes lean protein source)
4:00PM 1 teaspoon Colostrum-LD® mixed in water + optional 30-45 minute exercise session
6:30PM Dinner (includes lean protein source)
10:00PM 1 teaspoon Colostrum-LD® mixed in water

Women who supplement with colostrum following pregnancy often initially experience weight gain. This is completely normal given the fact that colostrum preserves and promotes lean body mass; muscle tissue weighs more than adipose (fat) tissue. The number on the scale is essentially worthless. A more accurate analysis of post-pregnancy re-vitalization is fat loss, as measured by lost inches. The pre-pregnancy wardrobe is once again wearable.

PDF article with scientific references available HERE.

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