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Colostrum is Probiotics Best Friend

probioricsProbiotics Need Colostrum to Colonize

Maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the GI tract is essential to healthy bowel functioning as well as overall health. Everyone naturally has some "bad" bacteria in the gut but of the trillions of bacteria present, there is an ideal balance of 85% "good" to 15% "bad". When the ratio goes in the other direction, health is compromised.

Probiotic supplements help promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, while helping crowd out and eliminate harmful bacteria. The bacteria in probiotic supplements all need some colostrum to multiply and flourish in the intestinal track. However, very few, if any, probiotics on the market actually contain colostrum. It's somthing that's not understood by supplement manufacturers. More and more physicians and colostrum researchers have come to this realization, and so CNR recommends GastroDefense® Daily Therapy from Sovereign Laboratories. A small amount of Colostrum-LD® is added to the formula, to give the bacteria an extra boost in the colonization process.


Some people experience constipation while taking colostrum. This is typically caused by not consuming enough fiber in the diet. Probiotic supplements, such as GastroDefense® Daily Therapy promote regularity which is important to the healing action of colostrum. Fecal impaction prevents colostrum from reaching the intestinal wall where it needs to be in order to heal GI tissue (Leaky Gut Syndrome). Ideally, 2 bowel movements per day will ensure that colostrum reaches its intended target cells and is effective. GastroDefense® Daily Therapy contains an adequate, however not therapeutic, quantity of colostrum. Therefore, taking Colostrum-LD® at the same time is recommended, especially if you have other health issues.

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