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The Effectiveness of PRPs

How is Viralox® effective when other PRPs are not?


PRPs are peptides by definition -- simple chains of amino acids and, as such, are very susceptible to denaturization (deactivation) by digestive acids and PH (stomach acids) and digestive enzymes. Therefore, PRPs as a separate nutraceutical product should be delivered sublingually. Colostrum alternately can be delivered through the use of lecithin and/or milk-based phospholipids liposome protective coatings that are used to enhance alimentary (through the stomach) bioavailability.*

*Wong A, Toth I. Lipid. Sugar and liposaccharide based delivery systems. Current Medical Chemistry, 2001; 8(9):1123-36.

ABSTRACT: Although there are formidable barriers to the oral delivery of biologically active drugs, considerable progress in the field has been made, using both physical and chemical strategies of absorption enhancement. A possible method to enhance oral absorption is to exploit the phenomenon of lipophilic modification and mono and oligosaccharide conjugation. Depending on the uptake mechanism targeted, different modifications can be employed. To target passive diffusion, lipid modification has been used, whereas the targeting of sugar transport systems has been achieved through drugs conjugated with sugars. These drug delivery units can be specifically tailored to transport a wide variety of poorly absorbed drugs through the skin, and across the barriers that normally inhibit absorption from the gut or into the brain. The delivery system can be conjugated to the drug in such a way as to release the active compound after it has been absorbed (i.e. the drug becomes a prodrug), or to form a biologically stable and active molecule (i.e. the conjugate becomes a new drug moiety).

Applies to PRPs in Viralox®, IRM® and Colostrum-IC.


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