Colostrum's Benefits for Keeping Fido Healthy


Dogs Can Catch the Flu (and Other Illnesses)

Just Like Their Human Companions.


With the recent outbreak of dog flu (canine influenza) that has been spreading across western states, dog owners have reason for concern. Experts say this highly contagious strain of the virus (H3N2) was first detected in Asia and appeared in the U.S. in April 2015. This means that dogs here are highly vulnerable to this respiratory infection because there hasn’t been enough time to develop immunity within the canine population. It also means that a large percentage of dogs will come down with the virus once it gains a foothold. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that in the same way that Colostrum-LD® helps humans fight viruses, including influenza, our beloved dogs can also benefit. Obviously, we can’t give over-the-counter flu remedies to pets, but Colostrum-LD® can help Fido’s immune system fight off infection. And, taken as a prophylactic, it may help prevent infection.

Just ½ teaspoon of powdered Colostrum-LD® twice daily mixed with water is the dosage recommended by veterinarians who already utilize Colostrum-LD® in their practice. Colostrum-LD® is a FOOD, so you can’t overdose if you give your dog more than the recommended dose. AND, you don't need a prescription. Dogs love the taste, too!

For added protection, we recommend adding a concentrated oral PRP (Proline-rich polypeptides) spray to your daily regimen, especially at the first signs of illness. A couple of sprays of Viralox® in your dog's mouth helps improve his immune system's ability to fight viruses. Viralox® also contains lactoferrin which is capable of killing pathogens on contact.


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But it gets better. Those "other illnesses" that dogs (and cats) get include joint pain, arthritis, allergies, skin infections, diarrhea, and leaky gut which manifests in many different autoimmune conditions. Veterinarian Steven R. Blake, DVM describes how he uses colostrum:


As I started using colostrum more and more in my patients, I started hearing all of the good results my clients were getting. I’ve seen countless dogs with chronic allergic conditions who had been prescribed prednisone and essentially had no energy to play. After taking bovine colostrum, their allergies disappeared and they returned to their normal active selves. bullet


I have used colostrum topically on surgical and non-surgical wounds, and seen them heal fifty percent faster than with antibiotics or calendula. I mix the colostrum powder with a small amount of water and then have the owner massage it into their pet’s skin one to four times per day as needed. I also pack the powder into abscesses after cleaning them, and they heal in three days, without antibiotics. bullet


I treat all acute and chronic diarrheas with colostrum and find that within three days or less, these pets are back to their normal diets. bullet


Just like humans, many pets experience the discomforts of arthritis as they age. When glucosamine sulfate isn’t working as well as it did, I mix the colostrum with the glucosamine, and arthritic animals begin to respond again. bullet


Click HERE to read more about how veterinarian Steven R. Blake, DVM uses Colostrum-LD to help his patients.



Why Colostrum-LD®?


bullet Animals LOVE the Taste
bullet No Prescription Required

bullet Recommended by Veterinarians

bullet Supports a Healthy Immune System

bullet Aids Digestion & Helps Balance Gut Bacteria
bullet Promotes Healthy Aging


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Heal with Bovine Colostrum!


The LD Difference

bulletColostrum does not oxidize in storage.
bulletColostrum is not digested (digestion destroys colostrum's bioactivity).
bulletColostrum components are delivered through the bowel wall into the bloodstream to reach all organs and cells where needed.
bulletTransport through the cell wall to assist in RNA and DNA repair, stem cell initiation and differentiation; facilitate cellular growth, repair, and prevention of infection; and identify damaged and diseased cells.


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These statements have not been reviewed or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. The information presented herein is intended to provide education about colostrum. It is not intended as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to discuss specific questions about colostrum with their veterinarians.


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